TikToker Mikayla Nogueira Addresses Claims She's Taking Ozempic

TikToker Mikayla Nogueira SHUTS DOWN Claims She's Taking Ozempic

Mikayla Nogueira is setting the record straight.

After a commenter questioned whether the TikToker was taking Ozempic—the type 2 diabetes medication that has become a weight loss trend in Hollywood—the beauty influencer addressed the speculation.

"No, I am not on Ozempic," Mikayla said in an Aug. 1 TikTok video. "I've never been on that, and I won't ever go on it. So, I don't know what—what does that have to do with anything?" 

Indeed, the content creator expressed her confusion about why this topic keeps being brought up on social media.

"This is, like, such a thing dude on TikTok," she said earlier in the clip. "Anybody makes a video, 'You're on Ozempic.' Like, the video could be about anything. My video has nothing to do with my weight, my body, nothing. 'Ozempic!' I literally can't. It's everywhere bro. It's all I see." 

However, Mikayla simply laughed off the rumor. "I'm sorry," she captioned the video, "but this comment has me cracking up given the context of the video."

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The post came shortly after Mikayla gave fans a one-month update on life since she married her love Cody Hawken and answered questions about their wedding. And while she noted she's "so happy" and that the wedding was the "best day" of her life, she admitted she was disappointed by some of the comments she read about the event on social media.

"It was really disheartening that so many people had so much to say about my wedding before I could even say anything," the TikToker said in another Aug. 1 video. "I understand if you don't like me, I get it, but it's my wedding day. I only have this day once in my life. And to see so many people just try to destroy it was really sad."

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In fact, Mikayla said it was these kinds of comments that led her to temporarily step back from the app. 

"People ripped my wedding apart before I could even share anything at all about it," she added. "Not a single rumor that spread about my wedding was true, and that's how rumors usually work." 

And while Mikayla said she was in "wedding bliss" and didn't let these comments get her down, she noted she wanted to address the online reaction because "it's just so wrong and sad." However, the social media star thanked the followers who did support her for their love and left commenters with a reminder. 

"I get that drama is, like, fun, and exciting, and it sells, and it's way cooler than just letting people be happy, but there's a real person behind that s–t," Mikayla said. "If you're given a choice, always choose kindness."

Mikayla isn't the only one to address recent rumors. To see more stars who've spoken out about whether they use Ozempic or shared their thoughts on it, keep reading.

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